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Fawn - close up & personal

Okay, I have tryed to hold this in, but I can't. I just need to get this oppinion and these thoughs out, so hope you don't mind. Its about the "Close up & personal" show on FAWN, For All Woman Network, a youtube channel based on alot of known youtubers like Michelle Phan, AndreasChoice and Bethany, to mention the ones that I knew before FAWN.

Close Up And Personal - Meet Pro Gamer Kat Gunn
I can't help but feel a bit strange about especially "Close up & personal" show. I'm currently studying Multimediadesign and Communication, and because of that, I often end up analyzing all sorts of design and communication like tv-shows or in this case a youtube show. In this case, I can't help to think this show is clashing two entire different kinds of media: the tv-world, where everything has to be high quality and scripted, and the internet-blogger(/youtube) world where things are more personal and not as scripted.

Close Up And Personal - Kat Gunn: Show Us Your Game Face
The show puts itself in the middle of these medias, and is seems almost to perfect and scripted for the blogger-world, but defenately more personal than a tv-show. I personally think this would fit better for tv (in terms of being personal). It is of course interesting to see the expected norms can be twisted. But with this show, I feel like its way to impersonal for youtube. At least for now.. since the show keeps improving, and the world keeps moving. What do you think? I've linked the 4 parts of the latest show-episode, so that you can watch it.

Close Up And Personal - Favorite Gaming Worlds with Kat Gunn & Mike Ross
Oh, and by the way, please do not consider this as hostile and hatefull towards the FAWN's - that was not the intention. After all, I do watch their videos

Close Up And Personal - Kat Gunn & Mike Ross: Questions from a Gaming Fan
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