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Getting over by letting go...

So first, yes, this post is in english, and my typo skills are awesome! (In other words, you might see lots of them). Now your warned

I was surfing my Bloglovin and came across a post from Michelle Phan titled "GIRL'S GUIDE TO STARTING OVER". Curious I checked it out, and she basicly gives 4 advises: Let go, Forgive, Change your look and Smile.

But maybe letting go is not for everyone. I'm the nostalgic type, I find both happiness and guidence in old memory's, even the bad ones, like my hate-each-other period with my best friend. I still have a short diary page revealing my old feelings to me, which remind me, that it's not to late to make up, forgive and apologize

I've tried letting go a few times, and suprisingly the only thing I got back, was regretting trowing out my memory's. No, letting go, when it comes to memory's, just isn't my thing. But maybe it's yours?
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