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How do I connect my youtube back to my google+ profile insted of the google+ page?

For my danish readers (I guess that means most of you, if not all): yes, this will be a post in english. It seemed most appropriate that way, and this site actually has an english translation for most other then the blog... Some of the posts even has it too. And for all of you, sorry for my most likely bad spelling.

Dear Youtube Support:

I want my youtube-channel and g+ profile linked. I though don't want my youtube name to apper as only my full name (Janni Iversen), since I'm not associated/know my it on the internet, where I in sted use my nickname (Gulde).

How my name appears on G+ profile
The best appearing name would consist of both full name and nickname (Janni "Gulde" Iversen), not only on the g+ profile (as now) but also the linked activities (youtube-profile, -videos, -comments, g+ comments, blogger-comments).

I thought choosing a new youtube-name by creating a ditto-named g+page, though not being a perfect sollution, at least would allow me to use my nickname.

I however didn't predict the hassel/complecation it made, by creating 2 g+ feeds to confuse with and keep updated, and having to choose account whenever logging on to youtube from computer/mobile-devices. I regret creating the page, it didn't work for me.

How do I connect the youtube account back to my g+ profile (Janni Iversen), instead of the g+ page (Gulde)?

This is what I wrote to the support page "Get help with your Google identity on YouTube" after hours of frustrating and unfruitfull search on google for the answer. I hope there will be a sollution, since I would be quit sad over hawing to delete my youtube to make things work... And I'm getting way to frustrated with how things are now. If you already know a sollution, then please help me - let me (and others) know in a comment below.
Udgivet søndag d. 17. November 2013
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SGravatar Simone 18 November 2013 21:50

Jeg skal ikke kunne sige, om der ikke også er en afdeling som hedder det samme, eller noget lignende, som har med knogler i fødderne at gøre - men det Ortopædkirurgisk ambulatorium jeg kender til (og skal være på) har med hofter, knæ og skuldre at gøre. Farsø sygehus har speciale i kunstige hofter mv.
Jeg skal så også lidt på traume ambulatorium (brud) Det er det mest spændene ^_^


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