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Gulde, that's me, Janni too, and I could be described as a young, never bored, crazy, danish, goldfish-girl with way too many hobbies! And aspirering minimalist. I'm somewhat of a (proud) nerd/geek and loves systems, organizing, codes and programming. I'm an interest-junkie and like all kinds of creative activities like photographing, drawing, writing, reading, design, music, playing piano and creative crafts - thus, I'm never bored.


I'm a personal hobby and lifestyleblogger with a wide range of topics like Positive Thinking, Food For Thought, Dreams and dreaminterpretation, vlogging and glimpses of everyday life. In general I'm just fan of the internet.

Multimedia designer

I'm a passionated webdesigner and webdeveloper since 2003, made in 2006 became and educated Multimedia Design and Communication Ak at EAMV in 2013.

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And I'm a karategirl with black belt and previous Official Danish Champion in karate and World Champion in Tenshinkan style karate.

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11,4 year old Norwegian Forest Cat with a fighting weight of 6,5 7,5 kg. He is an indoor cat, LitterKwitter toilet trained and enjoys frequent walks in leash.

Among hobbies may be mentioned looking at or slaying birds and other cats, figting blankets, hunting sticks and strings, chewing platic and toppling/smashing stuff.


Boyfriend through 15 years. Also known as honney.

Among hobbies may be mentioned karate/martial arts, gaming, hardball, movies, series and anime.