Feeling Multipotentiolite

Yes. I need to take care of myself. Currently however, so much exciting is happening. One friend asked of my to make her wedding nails (for her guesting a wedding, that is). The livingroom looks a bit like this after such a request

Another friend (which I really look forward to connecting more with) has asked me to draw some cute/personal chibi/doodle like personas for her LOL live streaming channel

I have been drawing a bit lately

I'm currently working as a graphic designer and webdesigner, and have found some bits of time and energy to redesign / improve the design and functionality of my blog and website. I'm also using maybe just a bit too much excitement on gaming WOW while also doing quit a bit of Ingress... and listening to / learning the GTD methodology and basicly starting to overhal all my reference stuff (the content of all my digital devices basically) as well as capturing ideas and handeling next actions.

Also my bro is getting a dog and Honney are looking into buying house together. And I'm soon to start in school. Just need to secure a apprenticeship first. Oh year, and fixing summeries and plans for next seson of karate.

It's great, really. Burning the candle in both ends makes for more lights. For a while. And then it burns
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