Jeg faldt over dette tag hos Kalel (wonderlandwardrobe.com), og fik lyst til at svare, men var ikke i video-humør, så tænkte jeg ville lave et blog-post i stedet, enjoy ^^

What I just wrote in danish, was that I stumbled upon this tag at Kalel's blog (wonderlandwardrobe.com), and felt like doing it, but not like doing a video though, so I thought I'd make a blog-post insted, enjoy ^^

1.} favorite fall lip product?
So far my new chokolate-scentet lip butter from the Body Show, because it reminds me of hot cocoa ^^ I don't know how well it moistures yet, though, so I might switch to something stronger for winter

The Bodyshop's Chokomania Lip Butter

2.} favorite fall nail polish?
I don't really change my polishes by season, but has had a strange urge to reach for my "Nero" by Gosh lately. Since it's just plain black, I will though most likely spice it up with other shades one my ringfinger, like this one from Kiko (255)

Nery by Gosh and 255 by Kiko

3.} favorite starbucks fall drink?
I'll just go change this to "favorite drink", since Denmark don't really have that esey acces to Starbucks, so... Favorit drink: Hot cokoa - just any, but I prefer it with wiped cream

4.} favorite fall candle?
For the light, just any candle... but scent,
again I'll have to change, since my allergic nose has a reaction to most scentede candle and room-scents in general... I love the scent of backing though, this season sure calls for alot of cake-baking

5.} favorite fall scarf or accessory?
I don't have a specific favorite fall scarf/assesory - But I of course love my newest pieces, home-made-awesome-hogwarts-ish-scarf and new fingerles gloves ^^

Gloves and Scarf (ala homemade-hogwarts-wonnabe)

6.} haunted house, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze?
Sadly, I haven't tryed any... Denmark does not really have a tradition for Halloween (or "Allerhelgensaften" as we call it) - we typecally just decorate the club/school/house a bit, and watch a scary movie... sometimes eathing candy though, and some may even dress up, but that's not commen.

7.} favorite halloween movie?
"Funny games"!!! Horrable, horrable, horrable! Just a horrable movie! The worst I have ever seen on a halloween (worst, as in a really good, but horrable movie). And its not really that scary or frigthening, its just so... frustrating! I will never watch that movie again ^^"

But I going for more of a "favorite" as in "I liked it", I would state "Gothika" as my favorite scary/halloween-ish movie above all.. Its just a really good movie

8.} favorite candy to eat on halloween?
Like Kalel, I am a sugar-addict. I will eat pretty much any candy with great joy, and I have really no preferences for halloween especially. Maybe ammonia liquorice though... that sound kind of halloween-ish, right?

9.} What are you dressing up as for halloween?!
I do not know yet We don't really have a tradition for halloween, but I'm gonna be dressed up for me and my boyfriends "move in"-party, since there will be a contest a certain place where we have planed to go out with our friends... So I might have to start making something ^^" I have wondered about things like Pikachu (human-ish), or some kind of monsterfood-leftovers from our kitten - rippings and cuttings over all (it has a tendency of being a little monster of claws and teeth <3)

10.} what is your favorite thing about fall?
Hot Cocoa, Sweaters, Candles and color-changing trees

If you wonna do this tag too, you can find the questions on Wonderland Wordrobe (I ❤ FALL) and if you'd like, you can post a comment with you linke on my blog, and proberbly also on ond Kalel's blog, like I did. I would love to watch/read them, and I'm sure she would to ^^
Udgivet Wednesday d. 17. October 2012



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