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Berlin inspired StreetArt

Berlin inspired StreetArt

A piece of stencil streeat, but like a painting. Its made in a workshop on my study trip to Berlin with Multimedia Design and Communication class. Oh, how it brings back memories from my childhood where I used to cut paper clip and decorations out of cardboard.

The girl with the slingshot symbolize for me something rebellious and is a reference to David and Goliath, the small vs. the large ... and a great finesse with the dress (again rebellious). I fell for it as soon as my eye caught it.

My principle was kinda "do not love it too much", "enough is enough" because a piece of artwork can "drown" and ruined if you keep working on it. You'll end up overduing it, if you do not stop in time.
📅 2012 👤 *School project 🎨 Spraypaint & stencils 👁 3764